A Full Grimsby Crew?

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A Full Grimsby Crew?

Post  Admin on Mon May 05, 2008 3:05 pm

I used to sail with a guy who often observed that he'd never yet sailed with a full Grimsby crew on board. Trip after trip, he'd bemoan the fact that we had Hull, Lowestoft, Fleetwood etc crewmen on board and that he'd "Buy Freeman Street a drink" if he ever did manage his ambition.
Well, we had a change of crew one time and to his delight, he concluded that - at last - there was a full Grimsby crew on board a Grimsby trawler. Just as the crew were looking forward to that free drink he'd promised, I burst his bubble.
"Sorry to have to tell you", I said, "but I'm from Hartlepool, always have been"!!


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