Stern Trawlers

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Stern Trawlers

Post  John Evans on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:03 pm

Was'nt fortunate enough to ship up on a Stern Hauler until I purchased the Glen Coe from J Marr fishing of Hull....Brought her back to the west coast of Canada and did very well with her until I finally retired...She has now been converted to an ocean going yacht.Visited with her present owner and had a tour of her...have to say he did a fantastic job with her.....Then again when I think about it ALL trawlers on this coast are "Stern Haulers.."just that the operation is a little different than the one practised in the UK.Here the net is rolled onto a Drum...(No deck space)....really makes for a much easier operation...and most fish is still taken aboard over the rail...also almost all fish here is kept in "Chilled Sea water"(Tanks)...or a combination of CSW and ice "Champagne System".The Glen Coe was in fact the last all ICE trawler in BC,iced fish still the best product and its shelf life double that of "Tanked" just a part of history... Tanked Fish retains far to much water,and the bacteria count really is some thing else,today everything is geared around the "easiest" way,and not the "best way...

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